Travellur is a slow travel service providing group tours and custom travel planning. 

Our mission is to encourage positive change in the world by igniting personal growth and global compassion.



Ever come home from a vacation more exhausted than when you left? 

There are plenty of reasons for rushing around from one must-see to the next, checking off a list of places someone blogged about, and sometimes it has to be done. But here at Travellur, you’ll find a different thing all together.

Settling in to a single destination for as many days as possible allows us the chance to dig deeper in to the beauty of a place and find the sweetness of life. In addition, it gives us a much needed break from the rush and bustle of our over-stimulated lives back home. When we are cramming in a long list of sights and stops, there is no chance to experience the subtle and authentic characteristics of a locale – or to be carried away by the genius loci. Slow travel is a richer, more intimate experience and the souvenirs brought home are the ones money can’t buy. When we have enough time to close our eyes and let the breeze bring us sweet daydreams in the middle of the afternoon, we also have time to meet locals, hear their stories, feel the communal rhythm.  A little extra time and presence is all that’s needed to make it a journey of the spirit as well as the body. In this way, we can embrace a place, let its unique influence permeate us, and return home refreshed, inspired and richer for the journey.

Ever have a dream destination hover out of reach because you don't have the right companion? 

Most of the time we agree on a trip with our preferred travel partner. But there are times when interests diverge, schedules conflict or plans change. Traveling alone is one of the bravest and most enriching kinds of investment.  There is no better way to get to know yourself. Joining a group offers you a chance to travel alone in the safety and companionship of numbers. Travellur invites you to join like-minded travelers and make new connections with persons preselected to your liking. Most likely the person next to you at the communal table is someone you actually want to talk to.

Ever spend half your vacation looking for a place to park? 

Having local contacts, insider information and  authentic accommodations can make or break a vacation. Knowing you are safe in good hands, feeling inspired in the right place and the rental car won't get towed means more time to enjoy your destination worry free.

Ever find yourself longing for a new horizon, fresh inspiration or even a complete mind and body restoration?

Travel can certainly do the trick, but so can learning, wellness and slowing down. Creative enrichment in a splendid location surrounded by fellow creatives is a deep well of inspiration.  Adopting a new wellness routine, guided by a trusted advisor, in a setting of flawless serenity is far more than the gym can offer. Taking time to feel, and perhaps eat, the soul of the land while delving deeply into rich layers of culture is the stuff that slow travel is made of.  

Here you will find the sweetness of life - the empowerment of traveling solo, the pleasure of learning, the joy of a new connection or maybe simply a new perspective on the beauty of living. Travellur offers experiences that define who you are and your place in this world.  


Travellur and Education for All

A portion of all Travellur proceeds are donated to Education for All, a non-profit organization providing supportive boarding houses for girls who would otherwise not be able to attend schools in rural Morocco. Because compassion is global, education is peaceful  and everyone deserves big dreams. Learn more about EFA and their work to bring big dreams to life at Make a donation to our campaign to sponsor five girls and Travellur will match it in your name.



about me:

I am Coco Kliks, founder of Travellur and your guide to a slower way to travel. I have travelled far and wide in my gypsy lifetime, and where so’er I go, I endeavor to approach each destination with grace and style because manners and aesthetic are civilization. After twenty-five years in the fashion industry I developed a deep respect for doing less when abroad. Isolated late nights and long hours locked in a demanding job left me dreaming of endless days of nothing but cooking, eating and laughing in the sunshine. I've gathered friends and family to join this pursuit of slow living for the past decade and always return home refreshed and creativity restored. I invite you to join our tribe of creative seekers on a path less travelled where slow is luxury.  

I've learned that when traveling, doing less is living more. My goal is to bring the sweetness of life to my guests and collaborators whether it be gathering like minds around a shared interest or a custom voyage of discovery.