What about a family break to a Greek Island?  Gorgeous beaches, astonishingly clear water, delicious food and five millennia of culture make it my favorite Greek island. Read on dear reader, to find out what makes a family trip to Crete a genius idea for the whole clan...

For more than 4,000 years African and European empires have desired to possess this rugged island of craggy mountains and deep, green valleys studded olive trees and ancient orthodox churches. I can see why, not that I’m trying to rule the world. Gorgeous beaches, astonishingly clear water, great Greek food and five millennia of culture make it my favorite Greek island. I’ll admit that Crete got a bad rep due to over development of it’s northern coast in the 80’s and 90’s, but now a new crop of tasty boutique hotels and agro-tourism is making waves in the homeland of Zeus. With new highways making inaccessible beaches much closer, it’s easier now to enjoy the far-flung reaches of this stunning destination. 

Corsica Family

Where mid-summer sun lights up the sea, the living is way easy, and the kids are alright...

Let me tell you about a place I know…It's a precious island retreat where slow living meets family vacation. It’s the miraculous place where you can enjoy the sunset and a romantic moment over artisanal cured meats and take the kids to the beach in the morning. It happens to be the same place where you and the little ones talk to sheep on the way to get tomatoes from the garden, but you can still sneak a nap in the afternoon before a evening stroll with your love.
Too good to be true? It's all so much closer than you think.

Cote D'azur

Turns out whiling away the summer in a big villa in the south of France is a good as it sounds.   

In truth, perhaps the trip was a desire to revisit the follies of my youth. A heady cocktail of summer memories slinking around the Cote d'Azur and a few Bridgette Bardot films lead to a vision of a lazy summer doing nothing with agreeable persons. My vision was all lengthy shaded lunches breaking up languid days and sultry nights spent shuffling along the quayside. So I gathered my peeps, found a charming villa in a hillside town above St. Tropez and settled in for a summer long lounge.