Take a week or two of leisure and laughter in the golden light of southern Sicily. 

 Southwestern Sicily is blessed with a glorious coastline, fantastic food, a cluster of splendid baroque towns and even Roman ruins. Wether you are a fan of "The Godfather" or "The Leopard"  you will understand that epic tales are invented in epic places. Let your mind wander around sleepy towns during seista hour and your earthy passions run wild across sun drenched landscapes. Refuel with handmade pasta and fresh from the boat seafood. Refresh your soul with the salt of the earth living and write your own saga.

Writers Retreat

This dreamy estate was the private haven of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. For the Travellur writer's retreat, it was a place to shrug off the prying demands and curious distractions of daily life.

 Le Moulin de la Tuileries is a place out of time, a place to forget time for a moment and just let life unfurl. This exquisite sprawl of 18th century rustication was the perfect place to make up stories and stock up on the authentic slow living you cant find at home. Located only an hour from Paris but as far into country slow living as you can get.

Ajaccio Summer

Ajaccio Summer is story of fun and folly under the Corsican sun. A whimsical tale that glides along shaded country roads leading to the glittering sea.

It happened once upon a summer that a group of travellurs gathered at a lovely villa on an enchanted mediterranean island of unimaginable beauty. The travellurs set up their table under the centuries old oak trees, which spun gold from the evening light. Delicious dinners were served at this table and the guests laughed late into the night. They had come from far and wide seeking the sweetness of life, because legend had it that it was abundant in this land. They came for the miraculous mineral baths, known since ancient times for their healing powers, explorations into mountain gorges awash with torrents of crystalline water, and headlong leaps of faith into deep-blue seacoves. The travellurs flung themselves selflessly into their pursuit of perfect beaches and with excellent restaurants, wishing on shooting stars in the night, burning wooden fired barbeques and finding courage in lemoncello.

Marrakech Beauty

In a land of mythic landscapes and narratives, let yourself be carried away by a thousand and one stories.

In the time it takes to fly New York to Los Angles, you could be transported to a perfumed realm of the senses suspended in the mists of time. Drink sweet mint tea in the glow of late afternoon, watch the light move across the pink desert and feel that time stands still enough to see into its deepest ravines. Travel to Morocco and travel to another time and place all together - an ancient land of overflowing with culture and history. With Travellur you can be sure that you get the best of this intoxicating destination and are in safe hands so you can relax and truly lose yourself, not your wallet.