Romantics and art lovers have a million reasons to love Paris, and it's not just the scenery. I want to share the fruits of my lengthy love affair with this city with those who will benefit the most from flea market savvy, Parisian-chic apartments, hideaway hotels, curated shopping and optional lengthy discourse on dilettante historical figures. 

I invite you - the hopeless romantics, the treasure hunters and side street explorers, the art lovers and francophiles - to share the delights of Paris. Come to the number one tourist destination in the world and live like a local. Wander like a gypsy and collect like a pro; or just daydream down by the river and watch the sun warm the centuries-old stone. This is the story where you moved to Paris ten years ago and know it like the back of your hand. So go ahead, cut the line, greet the experts, get the dealer's price, and pick up a still-warm baguette from the best baguette bakery on the way home.

Writers Retreat

This dreamy estate was the private haven of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. For the Travellur writer's retreat, it was a place to shrug off the prying demands and curious distractions of daily life.

 Le Moulin de la Tuileries is a place out of time, a place to forget time for a moment and just let life unfurl. This exquisite sprawl of 18th century rustication was the perfect place to make up stories and stock up on the authentic slow living you cant find at home. Located only an hour from Paris but as far into country slow living as you can get.

Marrakech Beauty

In a land of mythic landscapes and narratives, let yourself be carried away by a thousand and one stories.

In the time it takes to fly New York to Los Angles, you could be transported to a perfumed realm of the senses suspended in the mists of time. Drink sweet mint tea in the glow of late afternoon, watch the light move across the pink desert and feel that time stands still enough to see into its deepest ravines. Travel to Morocco and travel to another time and place all together - an ancient land of overflowing with culture and history. With Travellur you can be sure that you get the best of this intoxicating destination and are in safe hands so you can relax and truly lose yourself, not your wallet.