Ajaccio Summer

Ajaccio Summer is story of fun and folly under the Corsican sun. A whimsical tale that glides along shaded country roads leading to the glittering sea.



the perfect summer vacation

It happened once upon a summer that a group of travellurs gathered at a lovely villa on an enchanted mediterranean island of unimaginable beauty. The travellurs set up their table under the centuries old oak trees, which spun gold from the evening light. Delicious dinners were served at this table and the guests laughed late into the night. They had come from far and wide seeking the sweetness of life, because legend had it that it was abundant in this land. They came for the miraculous mineral baths, known since ancient times for their healing powers, explorations into mountain gorges awash with torrents of crystalline water, and headlong leaps of faith into deep-blue seacoves. The travellurs flung themselves selflessly into their pursuit of perfect beaches and with excellent restaurants, wishing on shooting stars in the night, burning wooden fired barbeques and finding courage in lemoncello.

the property

Domaine Finelli is a working farm with three stone villas equipped with all the modern comforts, each with a private pool and grounds.  Located 20 minutes from Ajaccio airport and 15 minutes from Porticcio beach and all it's services and shops, it is the perfect balance between town and country. Car rental is recommended and driving is easy on well maintained, albeit curvy roads.

see, do, taste

The travellurs found themselves under the spell of the enchanted island and the sweetness of life which glowed in everything they did and everywhere they went. It sparkled across the glossy surface of the morning sea. It was found in the seriously good local charcuterie and seafood. It flowed copiously in rivers, cascading down waterfalls and forming into pools of joy.

“One of best things about group travel is sharing a nice meal together. One of the best things about renting a villa is that we always get the best table and can stay as long as we want.”

Tarra Roehonek, textile designer at The Style Council

Make this story your story

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