Lovers, Romantics and Bohemians have a million reasons to love Paris, and it's not just the scenery. I want to share the fruits of my lengthy love affair with this city with those who will benefit the most from flea market savvy, Parisian-chic apartments, hideaway hotels, curated shopping and optional lengthy discourse on dilettante historical figures. 



la vie parisienne

I invite you - the hopeless romantics, the treasure hunters and side street explorers, the art lovers and francophiles - to share the delights of Paris. Come to the number one tourist destination in the world and live like a local. Wander like a gypsy and collect like a pro; or just daydream down by the river and watch the sun warm the centuries-old stone. This is the story where you moved to Paris ten years ago and know it like the back of your hand. So go ahead, cut the line, greet the experts, get the dealer's price, and pick up a still-warm baguette from the best baguette bakery on the way home.


Imagine yourself in a stylish apartment in the heart of Paris where you can  hoard cheese and macarons in seclusion or pop in to the brasserie on the corner and have a petit déjeuner according to your whim. Or envision checking into the perfectly quaint boutique hotel cached in a light-filled courtyard. Then you’ll sit unrushed at sidewalk cafés, get around on the metro contemplate the passing monuments; discovering the mundane alongside the fantastic. Travellur will make sure you are staying the right neighborhood for the experience you want, so you'll spend more time being there than getting there. 

do, see, taste, find

Certainly, you can find 19th century shopping arcades, splendid little museums, and have your choice of authentic or creative French dining. Check out Travellur's Paris Day Tours to get ideas, or sign up for one  Collectors will attend auctions where dealers get their goods and bid live on a shattering array of paintings, objets d'art, jewelry and vintage designer clothing. You will fondle and inspect all that interests you prior to auction-hammer time, and I will, of course, help you to bid on the gazelle antlers you want.

But there will also be time to take photos, write long letters, eat slowly and absorb the nuances of living the dream. And, in an attempt to reduce buyer's remorse, there will even be time to go back to buy something you saw but didn't get. To maintain the spell of la vie en rose and provide ample time for naps and individual pursuits, I have not crowded the schedule with activities. Instead, you have the option of customizing your trip to include additional days / activities. If your dream includes a scene at Versailles, of course you must go. If you need your own art expert at the Louvre to whisk you past the queue to the important stuff, and answer all your questions, I have you covered.  There’s even an extra walking tour for the meanderers among us. 

when to go

Paris has it's seasonal moods, each with it's own charm. Summer (May-August) is warm, even hot, and very crowded and advanced booking on everything is necessary.  Autumn (September & October) is my favourite time as the weather is fine, the crowds have abated, and prices go down. Paris has a melancholy beauty in winter which is a wonderful time to visit the architectural monuments which are too busy in the summer. You can have the Eiffle tower to yourself. Springtime (March & April) is a delight with cherry blossoms and wisteria bringing a femininity to refinement of Paris' classical lines, but the weather can be unpredicatable.

we got this

Contact Travellur to book your Paris local experience and save time and money on accommodations, activities, and transport. See, taste and feel the wonders of the City of Lights instead of standing in line for tickets. We can also make arrangements for the rest of your European vacation recommendations