Let’s find the sweetness of life.

Travellur offers slow and authentic travel options as a graceful alternative to mass tourism - experiences that define who you are and your place in this world.

Travellur is a one of a kind, unique, boutique experience for Paris. Coco is a wonderful, knowledgeable guide and she will customize a tour specific to your needs. A former fashion designer, Coco understands and appreciates the beauty of inspiration-travel and will make sure you get a culturally rich experience..
— Vero Suh, Photographer/Art Director


Travellur provides custom travel itineraries for destination retreats, tours and workshops for brands and creatives in France, Italy and the Mediterranean islands. We also offer honeymoon, couples getaway, and family vacation booking for individual clients. Other specialized services include event logistics, destination photo shoot production and wedding destination (venue search, guest activities & accommodations, on-site hosting).

We are based in Paris and also offer a number of stylish, private day tours by appointment.

OUR Clients

Travellur attracts luxury travelers and influential creatives mostly from the US, UK and Australia. We have a strong following in the high-end wedding industry and work with the top talent and publications in this market which reached 72 billion US$ in 2016. These clients are powerful social media influencers, regularly published in international magazines and often have their own books and blogs. Their work and social media are reaching hundreds of thousands of brides and event planners world wide. The effect for our venue partners is profound and immediate.

Partial Client List:

Brand collaborations

The brands we work with are authentic, luxurious and slow-chic.  Travellur brokered collaborations showcase a brand in the best possible light with quality media content presented to a preselected, receptive audience who have the means, leisure and aesthetic to invest in specialty and unique products and services.


Like a blogger has blogs, Travellur has destinations. These Travellur "destinations" are blog entries are read by our loyal clients and followers looking for slow-chic-lux travel inspiration and recommendations. These short articles are complemented by evocative imagery and include suggestions, sample itineraries, and links to partner venues & services. Travellur "destinations" are featured on our social media accounts, our clients social media accounts, included in targeted mailers and sent directly to clients requesting that type of locale.

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Our coveted mailing list of luxury travelers and dedicated tastemakers has 2.5K members with new sign-ups daily due to social media giveaways and growing brand recognition. This mailing list is segmented by interest allowing precise targeting which results in 90% open rates, 70% engagement rates and reliable funnelling to featured properties/services.

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Our Travellur Instagram account is growing steadily due to constant collaboration with our esteemed clients, colleagues and partners. In the first year we have reached 5K followers and expect that number to grow exponentially as we expand our services.

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Work with us…

Here at Travellur we live to connect people to their dreams, and that goes for our partners too!

We pride ourselves on facilitating fruitful exchanges with venues, hotels and brands.



Travellur can broker social media promotions between our most influential clients and your service or product with definitive results in desired brand positioning and more customer inquiries.


Travellur brokers mutually beneficial exchanges between our clients and brands yielding superior media content, original artwork and fruitful special events.


We are always interested in connecting people, places and goals and are open to new ways to collaborate.


Please share your ideas, and get in touch to tell us about the kind of project you had in mind...


Download a pdf version of our press pack here.