Travellurist Lulu Tsui was in need of a fine time for her 40th birthday.  Game plan: two weeks of leisure and laughter in the golden light of southern Sicily. 


Embedded in a 

landscape of literary legend, crouched in a dell obscuring it from approaching conquerors, lies Villa Zinna; a 16th century estate turned vacation paradise. Once belonging the Knights of Malta, and still bearing their iconic cross, this active farmstead produces olive oil and carob harvested by local guys from the neighboring farms.  Today Villa Zinna is owned and managed by good friends Salvatore and Michael who have done a stellar job renovating the historic property with modern luxuries infused with a distinctly bohemian-artistic atmosphere. 

I knew this was the perfect place for Miss Lulu’s big four-o celebration.  She invited forty friends, one for each year of her life, during this two-week sojourn. Southwestern Sicily is blessed with a glorious coastline, compelling historical sites and baroque splendor. Villa Zinna is ideally situated to taste all the delights of the region; neighborhood castles and vineyards, swimming at sublime sandy beaches, or reflecting on the delicate beauty of mosaics crafted by artisans living two thousand years ago.

Each day some activity was offered for those of us who could pull themselves away from pool and terrace. There were morning yoga classes, lengthy lunches over looking the sea, aperitivos in the afternoons, and lots of giggling in between.  We built a piñata and then beat it to death.  We visited spooky baroque churches in spooky baroque towns.  We drank champagne and danced to Duran Duran on the top floor of the yacht. We swam in magical mineral pools sunk deep in white limestone gorges. We spoke to each other about our experiences, dreams and desires and danced deep into the night. We ate a lot of divine Sicilian food and didn't get fat. But mostly we created memories and relationships to last a lifetime.


Thank you Lulu & Dmitry, Michael & Salvatore, Sean, Marisa, Dmitry & Stephen, Peter & José, Jason, Scott, Cion, Lamont, Alberto, Dani, Jon, Todd & Ard, Veronica, Sabrina, Dawn, Taylor, Tali & Kim, Mike & Anna, Che, Terri, Kristi, Jaimi for coming together to celebrate life with Lulu.



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