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If you are a wedding or event photographer dreaming of booking jobs in France, we can help you achieve that goal. To attract a client who will hire you for her destination wedding, you must show you have experience capturing magical moments in that destination. If you want to shoot a wedding in France, your website and social media should be overflowing with alluring images of France. It’s that easy. Studies in France are a series of photoshoots designed for the established photographer who wants to develop or bolster a destination wedding business in France. It’s also an opportunity to have a professionally styled photo session with a beautiful “bride” at a stunning venue completely free from client expectation.  

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The April 9, 2019 event is the second edition in the series. The next date will be in late October 2019, possibly one over the summer. Please sign up here for the mailing list and be the first to know about the next Studies in France event and get discounted insider pricing. If you are a vendor interested in collaborating please send us an email and let us know what service or product you would like to share.


Join Travellur in France for a styled

photoshoot in Provence!

APRIL 9, 2019

Bring your creative passion to Provence where we will have the incomparable Chateau de Torreau (above) all to ourselves to make pretty, make magic and make memories. Yes, this iconic French Provincial castle, set like a jewel in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, will be the place to let you creativity roam free. 


photography by Gert Huygaerts


Shot list:

all with castle or gardens backdrop 

  • female model in designer gown, shoes and jewelry 

  • professionally styled table setting

  • details shot

  • stationary flatlay

Each element of the shoot will be set up at a separate shooting station. Participation will be limited to five photographers and every effort will be made to allow for creative freedom and individual expression at each shooting station. Each photographer will have a fixed time to shoot each station alone. It is in our best interest as well as yours that everyones work look as different as possible. To that end, there will be two gowns, two sets of stationary flatlays and three detail shot set ups. Each photographer can choose which gown they want to shoot. Premium pricing includes your choice of and exclusive use of one stationary flatlay and one detail shot set up.

Premium pricing also buys you a four week window to submit for publication before the other photographers. After which all photographers can submit their photos for publication and post on social media. There will be a three week black out period after the shoot to allow for those shooting film to process their film.

Join a creative team with experience.

We are proud to collaborate with the following vendors and sponsors. Working with established professionals who share our fine art aesthetic helps to boost media exposure and secure your positioning as a photographer with respected peers. We are thrilled to have dresses exclusively from Galia Lahav, everyone’s favorite Isreali wedding dress designer. With their nearly two million Instagram followers, your photos will be sure to reach a wide audience. Check out our moodboard to get a lead on our visual inspirations.

Sponsors and Vendors:

Styling and Florals: Big Day Design

Dress: Galia Lahav

Shoes: Bella Belle

Acessories: Lindsay Marie Design

Make-up and Hair: Emily Tucker

Calligraphy: Ink Push Co.

more incentives…

All participants will be added to Travellur’s list of recommended destination wedding photographers sent to our clients looking for vendors in France. Likewise, participants will be added to Travellur’s exclusive destination wedding vendor network where vendors of all types can register their services and travel dates, connect with other vendors for collaborations and peer support. Participants will also enjoy a discount on all future Studies in France and Studies in Italy events.

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Price includes a working lunch of sandwiches and soft drinks. Travel package including two nights local accommodation and transportation is supplementary, see below. If you would like to extend your visit and have a curated taste of Provence, you can add a two-day sight-seeing tour, see below. This tour will allow you to embellish your photoshoot content with evocative images of Provence and give your styled work its proper context. Remember that you are selling the whole destination experience, not just the wedding in France. Compelling photos of the destination will also help to attract that dream client. Who knows? Maybe they will hire you for the week to capture their entire trip!


Experience the romance of Provence and add this

alluring destination to your portfolio.


photography by Gert Huygaerts



Premium Study 1900€  (one space only)


Standard Study 1300€ (four spaces only)

Prices will appear in dollars at check out

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cherry blossom.jpg

Travel Package add-on: 600€


  • two nights local accommodation 

  • transportation from Avignon TVG train station

  • transportation from hotel to shoot venue

  • transportation to hotel after shoot

  • transportation to Avignon TVG train station


Tour Package add-on: 1000€


  • two nights local accommodation

  • transportation for two days of sight-seeing

  • one dinner

  • transportation to Avignon TVG train station

  • *cost of museums and attractions not included.

Prices will appear in dollars at check out

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Link to frequently asked questions: 


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