Studies in France

Here are some frequently asked questions about the tour with respectful, honest answers.

If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to contact Travellur directly here.


Who is Studies in France for?

Studies in France are a series of photoshoots designed for the established photographer who wants to develop or bolster a destination wedding business in France. It is open to all levels of photographers. However, this is not a workshop, there will not be an experienced professional photographer providing mentoring or guidance.


Is this a luxury vacation?

No. This is an affordable way to invest in the future of your destination business. While the accommodations will be comfortable and chic, we will dispense with the bells and whistle for the sake of budget. The cost of doing this on your own at the same venue with model, wardrobe and MUAH will be at around 3,900€, so it is a very good deal. Don’texpect white gloves or extravagant soirees. Do expect to achieve your professional goals.


What should I wear?

We will be visiting lovely Provence in spring when the daytime temperatures are in the 70’s. Wearing comfortable layers is advisable since mornings and evenings can be cool and midday sunshine very warm. Bring sensible shoes as there will be a bit of walking especially if you want to wander the gardens. Rain is a possibility.


How do I get to France?

Most major international cities have non-stop flights to Paris, Nice and Marseille. Marseille  is the closest airport. April is blessed with the lowest airfare prices of the year. Sometimes as low as 600$ coach from New York. The best way to get from the airport is by taxi or private car. DO NOT get a ride from a stranger who approaches you at the airport. Only get a taxi from the designated taxi line. Contact Travellur if you need assistance with flights, want a private transfer or if you have complicated travel plans in conjunction with this event.


How do I get there?

Whether you are coming from Paris, Nice or Marseille, there are high-speed trains to Avignon costing  25-60€. You can book in advance online here. If you wish to continue your visit of France, Travellur can make private arrangements for you according to your budget.


What about the food?

The photoshoot includes a working lunch of sandwiches and soft drinks. If you are taking the travel or tour package, breakfast is included at the hotel. One dinner is included in the tour package. In Provence it’s all about French food and other types of food are not readily available. French food is centered around bread, cheese, meat and plenty of wine. If you have dietary restrictions, bringing your own staples from home or getting them in Paris, Nice or Marseille is recommended.  Travellur understands and respects food limitations and can advise you further, please contact us.


What language are we talking?

The photoshoot and tour will be conducted in English. 


What is the local currency?

France uses the Euro. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in Paris, Nice or Marseille is recommended for best rates. Getting all the cash you need for the tour in Provence is essential. We will be touring the breathtakingly lovely countryside but there are no ATMs.


What about check out time?

Check out time is 10am. If you wish to stay longer, special rates can be arranged in advance.


Can I rent my own car?

Yes! This is actually a very good idea if you’re the independent type, want to do dinner in town, or plan to extend your stay and continue exploring the region. Price is will be discounted (100-200€) to guests who wish to rent their own car.



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