Ajaccio Summer is story of fun and folly under the Corsican sun. A whimsical fairytale that glides along shaded country roads leading to the glittering sea.

One of best things about group travel is sharing a nice meal together. One of the best things about renting a villa is that we always get the best table and can stay as long as we want.
— Coco Kliks

It happened once upon

a summer that a fair number of travellurs gathered at a lovely villa nestled in an enchanted forest.  This forest, formed by herbs and ancient trees huddled around the stone villa, it’s pool and farm. The travellurs set up their table under the centuries old oak trees, which spun gold from the evening light. Delicious dinners were served at this table and the guests laughed late into the night.

The travelllurs had come from far and wide seeking the sweetness of life, because legend had it that it was abundant in this land. There were visits to miraculous mineral baths, known since ancient times for their healing powers, explorations into mountain gorges awash with torrents of crystalline water, headlong leaps of faith into deep-blue seacoves. The travellurs flung themselves selflessly into their pursuit. Their fearless leader took them to beaches and excellent restaurants only reached by boat, invited them to wish on shooting stars in the night, and taught them to make barbeques using only wood. They followed primordial roadways through charming hillside villages, following the scent of sweetness until they reached the boundless sea which offered them a smile as wide as the horizon. They sustained themselves foraging wild berries and local cheese, and found courage in lemoncello.

In the end the travellurs found the sweetness of life in everything they did. It was in the rosy light glistening on the surface of the morning sea so smooth and oily. It was found in the seriously good charcuterie and seafood delights which made their way to the table under the stars. It sparked spontaneously from new friendships being forged and old acquaintances renewed. The pervasive sweetness even found its way into their bags and souvenirs and was brought back home to sprout anew.

It’s hard to say what was the most magical chapter of our fairytale summer. But I think all would agree that the best souvenirs were the memories we shared. It’s true that Corsica is a land full of beauty and pleasures, and all you have to do to find the sweetness of life is to open your eyes and breathe.

Thank you Sean, Marisa, Lulu & Dmitry, Sofiane & Frances, Mehdi & Coralie, Dexter, Hicham, Jaime, Tarra, Ashina, Masha & Collin for making summer memories to last a lifetime.

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