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Travellur is a one of a kind, unique, boutique experience for Paris. Coco is a wonderful, knowledgeable guide and she will customize a tour specific to your needs. A former fashion creative, Coco understands and appreciates the beauty of inspiration-travel and will make sure you get a culturally rich experience...Coco has become not just a golden resource for anything Parisian/European, she has also become a good friend, a beautiful soul. Thank you!
— Vero Suh, Photographer/Art Director
I like traveling with family or trusted friends. Why? I’m going to have a better time traveling with those who know me and who understand my level of tolerance for adventure versus creature comforts. Travellur gets me as well as anyone does! My holiday to Morocco with Travellur was filled with as many exotic adventures and surprising locals as I could fit in. At any time I could always retreat to beautiful accommodations to refresh and relax surrounded by luxurious amenities. I whole heartedly recommend exploring the world with Travellur.
— Russell Bonifay; Client Relations Manager at Bottega Veneta
Thank you for the intimate and wondrous introduction to Paris Marais District. We loved the stories, the hidden gems, the untold surprises... We cannot thank you enough for facilitating our photo shoot at Hotel Soubise which was a photographer’s dream come true. The tea house experience at Marriage Freres was reminiscence of the French Salon Society where literary and philosophical gatherings took place in the 17th and 18th centuries; I felt transported to another time! You also could not wipe the smiles off of our faces after the classical concert at the Sainte Chapelle, it was magical. Your tour is full of awe, wonder, and moments that connect you to inner joy. We felt like we were guided by a friend, a connoisseur, and lover of beauty. This is a MUST tour for artists, intellectuals, and art lovers. Merci pour la joie!
— Maria Chang; Founder + lead artist at Professional Makeup Artistry