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Travellur knows that music can take you places too.

That's why we include a seasonal playlist in each of our newsletters.  We also want to provide this space where you can enjoy any season anytime.

Click on the links below to connect to Spotify and your favorite season.


Summer 18

Summer is all sunshine and seascapes, smiles and sensuality. Find your summer fun with a playlist for your August vacation. 

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Spring 18

Spring is full of verve and vitality. 
We hope you will enjoy this fresh playlist that embodies this exuberant season. 

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Winter 17

The dark grey days of winter reveal the melancholy beauty of Paris. The small medieval streets, seem to be even more medieval under a glowering sky. 
Here's some moody tunes to help you embrace the season in your town.

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Autumn 17

As days get colder and shorter, 
Autumn turns my mind to reflection. 
We have curated an eclectic mix perfect for sentimental easy listening, daydreaming and creating.

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