Travellur makes travel dreams come true with bespoke travel arrangements.  

Couples getaways, family vacations, solo expeditions, slow travel sojourns or restorative retreats; Travellur provides convenient non stop flights to your sweet spot, perfect in every glowing detail for you and only you.

Cure travel anxiety and save money.

It's that simple. 



Slow chic and made just for you. Wether you're ready to cross off a golden item from your bucket list, or want to browse our to-die-for romantic destinations. You will find the sweetness of love with Travellur's couple holiday destinations. 



Big birthday on the horizon? Let's talk. Don't know where to do this year's corporate retreat? I got you. Dreaming of a big beachy family reunion? I know just the place. Wish your brand had a destination workshop?  I can make it happen for less. Travellur specializes in unforgettable group travel experiences and this is where having a specialist is really a good idea; someone who can bring your special event together with seamless slow-chic elegance.                

Flexible packages, affordable luxury, attainable bliss.


Creative breaks

Gathering a group of creatives to cross pollenate in an inspiring location is what I live for. Making sure all the pieces come together gracefully is my creative process. Seeing the beauty and magic generated by such congruence is my reward. 



Celebrate your life, loves and milestones with slow travel journeys tailored to your desires. Leave home knowing that every detail is in order and come back refreshed by memories more precious than any gift. Travellur's travel and hosting services make the planning painless and the experience unforgettable. Simple, standard and Premium packages available to suit your needs and group size, starting at $500. 


Coming to Paris?   

Planning the perfect Paris dream trip should not stress you out. Exploring a new city should not leave you feeling lost. Leave the details to Travellur and just focus on getting away. With quality, edited information about Paris, slow-chic accommodations and authentic experiences, you will always be sure that your downtime and money are well spent. Between travel and hotel/apartment discounts, Travellur service usually pays for itself and includes timesaving recommendations like what pack and where to eat. 


Travellur has three service packages for custom travel, including groups and wedding destinations. However, we are in the business of making dreams come true, which often calls for personalized packages. Read on to find out more...


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