What about a Zanzibar Honeymoon? Zanzibar was first famous for its spices, then slave trade and now, with it’s blinding white beaches and warm smiles, it is earning a well deserved reputation as a vacation destination. Read on dear reader, to find out what makes a romantic trip to Zanzibar such a genius idea for an exotic Honeymoon or couples destination.

Zanzibar island is one of a paradisiac archipelago sprinkled off the coast of mainland Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. Like a diamond in the azure Indian Ocean, his laid back island is impossible to resist; what other tropical paradise can boast the bewitching beauty of the Masai?

Paris Romance

Paris is the chic, photogenic home of romance, and the number one destination for dreamy elopements and engagement photo shoots. 

I invite you - the hopeless romantics, the treasure hunters and side street explorers, the art lovers and francophiles - to share the delights of Paris. Come to the number one tourist destination in the world and live like a local. Wander like a gypsy and collect like a pro; or just daydream down by the river and watch the sun warm the centuries-old stone. This is the story where you moved to Paris ten years ago and know it like the back of your hand. So go ahead, cut the line, greet the experts, get the dealer's price, and pick up a still-warm baguette from the best baguette bakery on the way home.