What about a Zanzibar Honeymoon? Zanzibar was first famous for its spices, then slave trade and now, with it’s blinding white beaches and warm smiles, it is earning a well deserved reputation as a vacation destination. Read on dear reader, to find out what makes a romantic trip to Zanzibar such a genius idea for an exotic Honeymoon or couples destination.


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Beach Lover’s Paradise

Zanzibar island is one of a paradisiac archipelago sprinkled off the coast of mainland Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. Like a diamond in the azure Indian Ocean, his laid back island is impossible to resist; what other tropical paradise can boast the bewitching beauty of the Masai?


You’ll want to stay on the beaches on the east coast or northern tip of Zanzibar Island. Travellur can recommend which beach is best for you depending on whether you want to explore and discover, or keep a low, loving profile and do nothing at all but love each other, stumbling along the beach, hearts entwined. There are a number of luxury hotels on Nungwi beach and inclusive resorts on Kiwengwa and Pongwi beaches offering tantalizing options. 

do, see, taste, find

Pass the afternoon watching the incoming tide gather the startling blue of the Indian Ocean into shimmering lagoons, vanquishing sandbars along the way. Let swaying palm trees shade your bliss as you savor the sweetness of life in the local cuisine, a mouthwatering triumvirate of Indian, Arabian and African flavors. Visit Stonetown for a glimpse into it’s fascinating history and evocative Afro-Arabic colonial architecture. Hop aboard a traditional wooden Dhow for a seascape safari including a barbeque picnic and snorkel for two on a deserted island in the Menai Bay. Book a table at the Rock restaurant – landed at low tide, a floating island at high tide. Or simply find a place in the cool white sand and dream the day away..  

when to go

Due to it’s close proximity to the equator, it’s a fine place to warm up in the coldest months whether you live in New York or Buenos Aires. It’s also a great stopover that adds a few days of beach appreciation to a Asia-Europe itinerary.

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Planning a trip to Zanzibar is much easier than you think with Travellur personalized vacation booking services. Contact us for a free consultation, and remember that we can do the heavy lifting of trip planning; connecting you with trusted local guides, vetted accommodations and smooth logistics.

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