What about a family break to a Greek Island?  Gorgeous beaches, astonishingly clear water, delicious food and five millennia of culture make it my favorite Greek island. Read on dear reader, to find out what makes a family trip to Crete a genius idea for the whole clan...



Beach Lover’s Paradise

For more than 4,000 years African and European empires have desired to possess this rugged island of craggy mountains and deep, green valleys studded olive trees and ancient orthodox churches. I can see why, not that I’m trying to rule the world. Gorgeous beaches, astonishingly clear water, great Greek food and five millennia of culture make it my favorite Greek island. I’ll admit that Crete got a bad rep due to over development of it’s northern coast in the 80’s and 90’s, but now a new crop of tasty boutique hotels and agro-tourism is making waves in the homeland of Zeus. With new highways making inaccessible beaches much closer, it’s easier now to enjoy the far-flung reaches of this stunning destination.


do, see, taste, find

Crete is an immense island in the shape of a baguette running east west with diverse delights on offer. The gorges are a wonderland for hikers and nature lovers, especially when they reveal 6th century monasteries and end in emerald green coves. In fact the most famous hiking trail in Europe runs the length of the longest, deepest gorge of Samaria. Beach lovers will rejoice in the many sandy beaches, some which seem to stretch to the horizon with shallow turquoise water. History and culture lovers will want to visit the Knossos archeological site to take measure of the achievements of one of the great civilizations of the world. Travel back in time to the period of Venetian rule in the old harbor of Chania or adapt to a place of timeless simplicity in a minuscule white washed fishing village far from the modern world.

when to go

Crete is so far south it is actually closer to North Africa than to say, Rome. Which means the sea is warm enough to swim May through October, and is some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean. Be warned; late July and most of August the resort areas are swarming with northern European tourists, so strategic planning is in order for that period. Travellur can guide you to the secret local beaches. Best times to go are June and September.




Travellur recommends settling into a comfortable villa in one of the five prefects, renting a car and exploring the region. Which region? That depends on what you like best, ancient ruins of Knossos, the endless sparkling beaches of Balos or Elaphonisi, or the stark emptiness of the southern coast.

we got this

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