Marrakech Beauty

In a land of mythic landscapes and narratives, let yourself be carried away by a thousand and one stories.



Oasis of tranquility

In the time it takes to fly New York to Los Angles, you could be transported to a perfumed realm of the senses suspended in the mists of time. Drink sweet mint tea in the glow of late afternoon, watch the light move across the pink desert and feel that time stands still enough to see into its deepest ravines. Travel to Morocco and travel to another time and place all together - an ancient land of overflowing with culture and history. With Travellur you can be sure that you get the best of this intoxicating destination and are in safe hands so you can relax and truly lose yourself, not your wallet.

the property

Bohemian belles, this is your dream venue for a week of quiet restoration, rejuvenation, and inspired contemplation. Immerse yourself in Morocco's spellbinding decor at boho-lux Domaine Akhdar - a terra cotta jewel set in the pink desert of Marrakech. An exclusive estate with a dozen 2 to 5 bedroom serviced villas set amidst a maze of courtyard and water gardens. All villas have a private pool & garden and highly recommend catering. A club house with reception room and large pool is a haven for parties and workshops. A private spa and Morocco's rich heritage of beauty rituals make this is an ideal venue for a beauty/wellness retreat or an elegant bachelorette getaway, while the quiet remove of the location is just the kind thing you'd want for a writer's retreat.

At this secret oasis of tranquility, you will find the best in Moroccan hospitality; the staff welcomes you like family and the food is some of the best home cooking I've had in Morocco. Whatever your agenda, you can expect a deeply relaxed pace and plenty of incentive for languid dozing, connecting with your friends and fellow guests, and very little interruption from the quietude of this desert arcadia.

see, do, taste

Twenty five minutes from the orchestrated chaos of the medina, visits to the town are a temptation hard to resist. You'll have to wander through Yves Saint Laurent's exquisite Jardin Majorelle, tour the millennia old medina and take tea in the shadowy cool of a traditional riad. Be sure to experience the sensory overload of Jemaa el Fna square at night with it's circus of snake charmers and traveling shamans. I'd venture it's been the same show every night for a thousand years. 

Contact Travellur for the best prices at Domaine Akhdar as well as a custom itinerary for you and your group. We can provide on-site guest management and personally guide/host your group, or put you in the experienced hands of local partners for guided day trips to the medina or Atlas mountains and even glamping excursions to the desert.