Corsica Slow Living

Come with me to a sparkling Mediterranean island of blinding natural beauty and steeped in colorful history.  



Idyllic rustication on a beach

Corsica is my favorite Mediterranean island for so many reasons it makes me wish I was a poet. This monument of granite rising from crystalline waters to heights of snowy splendour holds so many charms I needed six weeks to savour them all.  But it was the rugged northern region which stole my slow living heart. Considered the heartland of Corsica by the native sons and daughters of this fiercely independent island the area around Calvi, Ile Rousse and Bastia offers spectacular scenery, a vibrant narrative, a proudly traditional agricultural scene and heritage wineries. I think that Corsica is France's best kept secret, which make it the ideal Travellur destination. Strict environmental laws and development limitations, inhibit over development resulting in higher prices and fewer accommodation options, but is made up for in spades by the beauty that is protected. 


Beach front villas are attainable for a decent price in this lesser know region, especially if you avoid the school holiday periods. But if you want a truly authentic Corsican experience, I recommend a villa tucked away in the maquis covered hills above Calvi,  with a commanding view of the valley and sea below. 
The little town of Feliceto is straight out of the "Godfather" and so ideal for spotting approaching enemies that a legendary Corsican bandit built his hideout on the rocky crags above. The bakery in the ancient stone village is only open in the mornings.  If you want bread or sandwiches in the afternoon you can to go to Chez Margot, the tiny grocery store, the only other food seller in town. An enormous 15th century church dominates the village and chimes the hour and half hour, to remind us more of the eternal rest than the time of day. After the siesta hour, the older gentleman gather in the shade of the chestnut trees in the little square and play petanque, that mysterious French game with heavy metal balls.


Feliceto (an apt name for our tiny village of joy) has a profound tranquility. Doves coo in the morning light as it creeps over the jagged peaks above. At night you can sleep with the windows wide open to let the night air cool the stones of the repurposed barn that will be home for the week. The days are bright and beautiful and full of simple pleasures like eating local foods, drinking water and wine from nearby sources, and making friends with the stoically warm Corsican locals.
Although villa Renucci is high enough to enjoy a distinctly different climate, flora and fauna of the tourist swamped coastal towns, a dramatic sea to mountain incline assures that you are never more than thirty minutes from a swim in the ocean.
You can hike up to the abandoned stronghold of the famous bandit through tangles of maquis, the name for the community of plants which cover the arid scrubland. Or visit a wonderful monastery and bond with the owners who may treat you to a tour of the restoration the 17th century edifice. You can rent a boat and scuttled between placid rocky coves and dive into the aquamarine waters of the Scandola nature reserve. There is a culinary heritage of Corisca to be discovered through a new friend Charles at the Vecchio Moulino tavern and inn. He hunts wild boars and his wife cooks it into rich and tender ragout and serves it over handmade pasta. His brother produces the fruity white wine of the region. These guys are the real deal. That’s who you meet when you eschew the obvious choice and take the road less travelled.

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